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Get power bill relief on the Reswitch App

Get power bill relief on the Reswitch app

Empowering Communities

through fairness and transparency

Reswitch exists to ensure that Community members who support green energy infrastructure developments nearby are rewarded.

Reswitch helps people living close to renewable energy projects such as wind farms and transmission lines receive free or reduced power bills through subsidies from these developments.

Almost 9 in 10 Australians want a faster or moderate transition to clean energy.*

We believe that can only happen when the energy transition is just and equitable for communities who are affected. So, we want you to feel heard and valued for your contribution to helping Aussies achieve our Net Zero targets by 2050.

* Source – CSIRO 2024

Why it works:

True Innovation

Reswitch bridges the gap between developments and communities as an independent third party, delivering simple tailored benefits.

We believe in transparency, equity, justice and collaboration when it comes to building a sustainable future for all Aussies: empowering communities to have a voice and stake in the energy transition process.

It’s everyone’s responsibility and the burden should be rewarded.

Ways to Benefit

Local Expert Team

behind the Reswitch dream

Reswitch is founded, owned and operated by Aussies for Aussies.

We have a deep passion for a greener future deserved by all Aussies, and having seen first-hand the pressure these projects can have on communities and the delays this can cause projects, we want to do everything we can to encourage and support the green energy transition.

Reswitch will always serve communities – it will never be governed by energy developers or energy providers.

Communities Are Saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my energy provider matter?

No! We seamlessly connect your energy bills to local projects relevant to you, no matter who your energy provider is, so that you can easily receive subsidies. All we need to know is who your energy provider is, so we can do the matching in the background.

Because we match your energy account with your Reswitch account, you can seamlessly receive energy bill payments from local renewable developers within the Reswitch App and this will be reflected in your power bill from your energy retailer. We provide options to pay via credit card, direct debit or third party services like Paypal if you are receiving partial subsidies from local renewable energy projects.

No! We are a third party, connecting Communities and Developers to ensure that Communities are rewarded and heard for their contributions to the green energy transition, helping to get Australia to net zero by 2050. We will never be owned or governed by developers or energy retailers.

All devices. So long as you have a Reswitch account, you can login via our App on your iOS or Android mobile device (such as mobile phone or tablet) or desktop browser via your PC or Mac.

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How to check an address for subsidies

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