Clean energy for all, from Bendigo

Bendigo wind farm is a 500MW project that will provide clean energy for at least 256k households in the Bendigo region and beyond.

Benefits from This Project

$15M Community Benefit Funds

Bendigo wind farm is allocating $15M ito provide tangible benefits and have legacy impact for the Bendigo community. The use of funds will be guided by community feedback.

Free Clean Energy

Bendigo wind farm is supplying free clean energy to residents within 10kms of the project. Sign up on Reswitch today and receive power bill from Bendigo Wind Farm.

Impact Grants

Bendigo wind farm provides up to $25k in financial assistance to local community groups and individuals within 75 kms of the project.

Job Opportunities

The project will employ 300 local workers during construction and 35 permanent roles post construction.

Give your feedback &

Get Energy Subsidies

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